June 02 till July 14, 2012 

Clages is pleased to present Volume 3 by Sara MacKillop, her third solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition introduces a new body of work, which consists of framed images of office materials. These images are produced by scanning images taken from stationery catalogues. The paper in these catalogues is so thin that the images on both sides of the image appear when they are scanned. MacKillop creates compositions by selecting different elements from these overlapping images.

The exhibition also includes object works made from found industrially produced commodities. In Three pens the ink has been replaced by coloured string, which references the outer casing colour of the pen rather than the ink which was previously contained within it. The piece is installed across the front window of the space to interfere with the view outside. A similar disruption occurs to the everyday codes of the pens themselves by the replacement of ink with coloured string. In the framed images, representations of pens are held up to the light of the scanner and in Three pens the object themselves are held across the light source.

The exhibition is installed so that it can be viewed from the outside and inside. Areas of the gallery not usually used to install work within such as the base of the wall and the corners are all focussed upon.

Sara MacKillop lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include Faded Paper (2011, Spike Island, Bristol), White Room (2011, White Columns, New York) and Similar Variance (Dundee Contemporary Art).