Press release


29 October to 17 December 2016


For her fifth solo exhibition at Clages, Sara MacKillop explores the features and limitations of the image and its medium. In „Temporary Bond“ MacKillop’s fascination for office supplies, writing devices, paper and books culminates in an installation which focuses on the interaction of printed pages and the image which has been printed.

While motifs taken from free promotional stationary or art material leaflets serve as source material and can be clearly identified for what they represent including their features and function, they turn into pure motifs by becoming part of another medium.

The paper on the other hand, whose purpose in the context of promotional materials is merely to serve as supporting medium for a specific message and information, is here turned into an element of its own. Using various scanning and printing techniques, MacKillop merges image and paper or motif and medium.

The book or leaflet, with its characteristic as a summary of individual pages, can be considered a third component of the exhibition. It is here where motif, medium and their specific sequence join into a permanent ensemble – which, besides its haptic components, is what mostly distinguishes analog from digital information. With great sensitivity

Sara MacKillop unfolds and turns pages and finally corrupts even this feature as a merely “temporary bond”.