National Treasures

EXTENSION including Rita McBride

8 June until 14 July 2018
“Don’t look at me in that tone of voice”

Dorothy Parker

Investigating the crossroads between sculpture, architecture and design Rita McBride’s collaboration with Micky Damm and Christian Odzuck purposefully pokes fun at Modernism’s horrible long lost grandsons. Channeling a somewhat “expanded sculptural” sensitivity as their starting point the group wanders through medial labyrinths and referential alleyways in order to confront the long process that allegedly gave birth to the ever so charming idea of “contemporaneity”. Asking the right questions without ever having to dictate their rightful answers we are presented a user’s guide to the blind spots of continental modernity.
The Düsseldorf based group began with obtaining large amounts of aluminium tiles from an old modernist department store. The occasion allows for a series of experiments around the paradoxes of working with an architectural vocabulary within an institutional framework. McBride’s practice revolves around a trans-disciplinary and collaborative process, that doesn’t hesitate to address vital critical questions without losing its wit and humor. Combining sculptural interventions, objects and a series of publications she rejects the idea of taking center stage and opts for a discreet place in the shadows, hiding the author and sharpening her tongue.

Haris Giannouras