Paradise Libraries: Episode 1

Olivier Foulon | Sara MacKillop | Daniel Maier-Reimer

Anne Pöhlmann | Frances Scholz | Christian Theiß | Bernhard Walter

21 May – 10 June 2020


Taking its cue from the concept and the history of the Archive, Paradise Libraries is a project that will develop over two episodes, including both new bodies of work as well as pieces from the gallery’s archives. The episodes will attempt to reconfigure the gallery’s program as it has been shaped throughout the last 10 years and will incorporate works by all the represented artists. The title of the project relates to a quote by Jorge Luis Borges that reads as follows: “I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library”. The pieces exhibited will occupy the gallery’s spaces in their entirety, following largely the idea of individual and independent artist rooms that will evolve throughout the front exhibition space, office space and the two back exhibition spaces that span over two floors. The project will not fall into a fixed curated frame of reference, but will instead attempt to reimage the gallery’s program as a whole from the inside, focusing on the artist’s own perspective and point of view. The duration of each episode will span five weeks and the endeavor will end with the end of the summer of 2020.


The current note reads as an open letter by an anonymous culture worker and shall therefore remain unsigned.