Shila Khatami

„PORÖS“ (group show) at Lobe Block, Böttgerstraße 16, 13357 Berlin. Opening: 15 August, 12-10 pm (until 19 September 2021).

„The new frontier is your epidermis“ writes Paul B. Preciado in his Art Forum essay Learning From The Virus and thereby points to the fact that the borders and outlines of countries, buildings and yes, bodies, are not set in stone but continuously drawn and redrawn. The permeability of the skin, Preciado seems to suggest, is not merely a biological fact, but also serves as an architectural and geographical metaphor. Conceiving of bodies, objects, territories and buildings as porous entities, however, poses the question whether the subject/object divide that we have grown so accustomed to is conceptually still feasible. Are there other ways to make sense of the world, conceptually and/or aesthetically as well as socially?

The exhibition POR S at Lobe Block picks up on these threads to bring together artworks, performances and interventions under the umbrella term porosity. The outdoor areas of the building become the site for installations and events that metaphorically, aesthetically or conceptually engage with the concepts of porosity and permeability.

PORÖS will be the first public event of sculplobe e.V., a non-profit association founded in 2021 by a group of artists, architects and curators in order to facilitate art projects in and around the building Lobe Block in Berlin. Sculplobe e.V. aims to create a forum for conversations between contemporary global art and the neighbourhood Wedding. Participating artists are encouraged to engage artistically and socially with the local environment.

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